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Zoom Room with Stuggybear

HOI presenter Angus Reynolds hosts this Lockdown Zoom Room with social media royalty Stuggybear

Stuggybear AKA the King of Vines joins us via the power of the magical powers of the internet, for a Zoom room interview. Having started his social media career whilst working with his dad as a removals man, we get to know how Stuggy turned a bit of fun on the job, into a money making past time through virals.

We hear how he’s had to adapt his content from the six-second short sharp clips that made him famous on Vine, to fit the new platforms and the ever-changing digital landscape. Stuggy tells us how the social media trolls and haters used to affect both him, and his content, but how he has now learnt ways to not only deal with them, but to use them as a source of strength, as he honed his talents.