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Jason Moments: The influencer life

Youtube star and world renown prank content creator Jason Moments joins HOI for a quickie on the sofa, talking through his journey, his content and his inspirations.

HOI presenter Angus Reynolds is joined on the sofa by YouTube sensation Jason Moments for this in-depth look in to his journey as a social media star and the path that got him there. With 7 million followers cross platforms Jason looks at his decision to drop out of university to pursue a career as a content creator.

Motivation is the key to success and we discuss how the motivation of fame, money and getting girls was all the motivation Jason needed. We look at his love of the power of social media to make a change but also his hatred of the bragging culture of peoples posts that portray falseness. If you want to know how getting up early has changed his life, how he made the decision between family friendly and edgy content, or how he was spotted and called out at an STI clinic…watch this funny one!

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