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Top 5 most famous pets on Instagram

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to have an Instagram that’s popping off like one of the stars? Branding deals, freebies, modelling campaigns, opportunities up to your ears but finding that you have no idea how to do it! Maybe you don’t have a talent, or a particular look, well, do not fear. We have found an alternative option. Check out the top 5 Most Famous pets in Instagram.

Do you have a gorgeous animal at home? Is your family pet the cutest thing since the puppy from Marley and Me? This could be your in! We have found the top 5 most famous pets on Instagram who collectively have over, a staggering, 21.3 MILLION followers. These animals are of course, super cute, but it’s not like someone is showcasing Lions and Tigers, these famous pets are your standard homely pets, Just cats and dogs! Anything is possible.

We here at HOI are bringing you the top 5 most Instagrammable, pampered pets. Up first we have;


This teeny, tiny, perfectly groomed, little pup is almost too cute to be real. An Instagram of 10 million followers, I guess it made sense for the owners to create a merchandise that you could buy on Amazon! From calendars to puzzles to toys, this pooch is going out to the masses. Not only is the instgram feed full of cute photos and outfits, but includes videos of tricks such as walking on hind legs and also in handstand?! Clever and cute!


Is a Shiba Inu living in Japan and has over 2.5 million followers. A dog that looks a little bit like a cross between a corgi and a husky, you can totally understand why this pooch is so loveable! Not only this, but he constantly looks like he’s smiling. CAN’T. COPE. If Marutaro wasn’t gorgeous enough to look at alone, the photography on this page really is lovely making the page all that more enjoyable to visit.


without being biased, I think Nala is my favourite. Nala is a rescue cat, a Siamese-tabby mix and is both cute and hilarious! I’m not sure if it’s genius photography from the owner, or a cat with a really, really animated face, but either way, you can see why she has 4.3 million followers. Not happy just being a cute cat, she also has her own pet food brand, is a Guiness World Record Holder, and merchandise! I’m not looking for calendar prices or anything…


This little fur ball is a great example of owning your “imperfections” in kitty form. Lil Bub was born with dwarfism, which has affected how she looks in certain ways. With a following of 2.5 million people, and an owner who clearly adores her, you quickly join the masses and fall in love with her too. Another pet with her own pet store selling Bub blankets and pillows!

And last, but not least…


This feline is exactly what she says on the tin! A striking, and beautiful cat with a completely toned face! One half is jet black with a green eye, the other half is ginger with a blue one?! Incredible! Venus has a huge 2 million followers, who all seem to be as fascinated with seeing as many photos of this unique creature as we are!

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