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Top 5 ‘Get woke’ Accounts to follow on Instagram

In a time where anyone can voice anything they please on social media and not give two hoots about the pain words can inflict on others, we at HOI thought we would highlight our TOP 5 straight-talking Insta pages that help to open the mind and give you insights to other points of view! After all, the mind is like a parachute, it works only when it is open!

1: @lalalaletmeexplain
‘Sex, dating and relationships educator’ A page full of any taboo, current and interesting topics with insightful and educational information. Normalising sexual health issues and stigmas alongside calling out misogyny and outdated view points in the most eye opening and thought provoking way!

2: @ashleylouisejames
‘Dating and empowerment coach’ Ashley James has built a fantastic following over the years and now uses her platform to call out issues that may have, at some point in our lives, affected us all. Whether it be male or female misogyny, or the traps we can find ourselves falling into in relationships, Ashley uses knowledge from her coaching qualifications to help us all understand and open our eyes to behaviours and views that can be hurtful or damaging. As a new mum, Ashley also is encouraging the normalisation of breastfeeding and calling out the misogyny that surrounds it.

3: @zezemillz
Each week Zeze Miillz releases episodes from her show ‘The Zeze Millz show’. Her Instagram bio states ‘The cultural commentator. Saying all the things you’re thinking, but afraid to say’. With her too the point attitude in cultural subjects that need addressing. Her posts and video content open up great conversation and insights.

4: @georgethepoet
Poetry and insightful talking points from the black community. With such incredible content to really see the fundamentals of how racism has affected our world and how it continues to do so. With hard hitting facts and knowledge. Giving people a platform to learn and grow.

5: @libenedettii
‘Non- binary Brazilian, Activist, speaker and artist. Serving black and queer realness’. Their page is fantastic to help open your mind to places where you may not be aware of your own ignorance to certain topics. The page is all about inclusion and respect and we at HOI are so down for it!

Artwork by Karis Simms