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Top 5 Fitness Influencers keeping Health ‘fun’ 

HOI’s Top 5 list of instagram accounts that keep the fun in fitness. 

In a world where beautiful aesthetics are everywhere, new fad diets pop up every week, and gyms are on every corner, it’s not surprising that there is an abundance of fitness influencers that you carry around in your pocket, discoverable at the swipe of a button.

Although the wellness industry is booming, and being fit and healthy is something we hugely encourage here at HOI, there is a worry about the pressure for the “perfect” body; pressures on young men and women to achieve bodies that feel, quite frankly, unachievable! Not to mention enhanced by steroids, or an airbrushed. Women losing fertility and men losing erections, all in a bid to achieve a physique that involves no chocolate, no alcohol, no carbs, and no fun!.. It’s all bit ‘much’.

So, we decided that we would bring you our top 5 fitness influencers who are all about balance! They call ‘time’ on the ‘bullsh*t and remind you to keep, fit and healthy, but also keep it enjoyable. Definitely our kind of people!

First off, we have:


James has now been hilariously titled, the Gordon Ramsey of fitness. Not for the feint hearted, he openly calls out anyone and anything in the fitness industry that could be considered toxic, whilst giving advice and guidance on how to maintain balance and not take it all too seriously. Not only does he have his own business (The James Smith Academy), where you can sign up and pay for calorie targets, workouts and guidance, he is also a Sunday Times Best Selling Author, has his own podcast and has been on tour around the UK and Australia. 605k followers make a lot of sense.


Is an Australian author, speaker, yoga teacher, PT and ex elite gymnast, with her own online PT business AND an Under Armour ambassador. That’s quite the ‘CV’. Not only does Shona have credentials as long as my arm, but her page is full of hints, tips, workouts and advice, all delivered in a way that is friendly, clear and best of all inclusive. Shona is empowering, beautiful and funny; making you want to be her best friend, and feel like you are absolutely worthy, regardless of your fitness level, shape or size We are loving your work Shona!


Irish born Paul Olima is one of the funniest fitness influencers on Instagram. Although resembling sculpted god, Paul doesn’t actually take himself or the fitness industry too seriously. With an impressive history of sporting successes, gym hacks, personalised training programs, his own fun fitness community called @the_omega_army; as well as a clothing line with the slogan “Neck Pints, Bang Gym” .. this cheeky chappy works around the clock to keep his audience enjoying the fun-side of fitness. If you ever need to giggle, head over to his page to find endless videos of fitness comedy skits and re-enactments of videos he’s found of other influencers. You’re welcome ;)


UK based Tally Rye is a woman for everyone! A fitness trainer with the brilliant tagline ‘Health First Fitness’… Fitness doesn’t always consider all round health, and so her mission is to focus on improving your general health, not just your fitness; something we all need to consider more. Her page is a sea of helpful workouts with so much support and guidance around diet culture, pressures of ‘body image’, how to move intuitively and most importantly, how to live outside fear. She is honest, open, real and committed to body positivity. More ‘Tally’s in the world please

… And last but not least


We all know what we eat plays a major role in our health and fitness, this account is definitely one to note as part of your PT hunt. Best-selling author Graeme Tomlinson brings you a self-proclaimed No B.S Fitness Nutrition Database. His account is a fascinating collection of posts bringing a new perspective to those trying to understand and manage the calories they consume for their fitness regimes. This man is on a mission to change the whole idea of “the diet” by showing you how you can still enjoy the foods you want to eat, and live a healthy life, simply by understanding what you are eating. I personally want to understand and eat chocolate. Anyone else…?

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