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Tonia Buxton: Social media pressures

TV personality, chef and restauranteur Tonia Buxton joins HOI for a quickie and reveals her path from body builder to where she is now and how she had to adapt to the social media age.

HOI presenter Rob Laird is joined on sofa by TV personality, chef influencer, restauranteur and super-mum Tonia Buxton. With the release of her new book, Tonia discusses all things food and health related and the balance she has found to still look so incredible and young at the age of 52!!!

Tonia talks through the recent vegan trends and how she practices sustainable meat eating. Looking in to the trials and tribulations of her TV career Tonia gives her key to success, tenaciousness, be prepared to handle the 200 no’s before that one yes, and how she had to adapt to social media and the competition in the industry it caused.

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