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The Subtle Vegan’s Guide to the Perfect Vegan Christmas!

Our Subtle Vegan, Jess Impiazzi shares her favorite must haves for a perfect Vegan Christmas!

It’s that exciting time of year where we give ourselves the licence to eat all the delicious Christmas treats we can fit in our belly, and stuff our faces until we pass out on the sofa, unable to move! In the past a vegan Christmas was something quite unheard of but alas! It has become so popular these days that nearly every supermarket is finally catering for us, making sure we are not missing out! I thought I’d help those new to a vegan and plant based diet, or for the plant based veterans to find the most wonderful vegan delights for a super fulfilled Christmas!

1. First up is the Marks and Spencer vegan Christmas dinner range. Not only have they got the most wonderful meat and dairy alternatives for the main course but also (finally) delicious desserts for after! My personal favourite; the plant based sticky toffee pudding. I have tried and tested this several times (for research purposes obviously) and I can confirm, it was utterly divine!

They have the most wonderful range of party food also! One thing I used to miss out on at Christmas, once I turned vegan, was the simple finger foods throughout the day, such as pigs in blankets and mac ‘n’ cheese nibbles, but look no further. Marks and Spencers have a vegan version of all these favourites to ensure there are no disadvantages for choosing a plant-based life!

They have now bought out a vegan Christmas pudding, mince pies and no-duck spring rolls, Vegan mini no-chicken Kiev’s, vegan marshmallows and assorted ice creams. They really have made the plant based Christmas as tasty as ever for us vegans!

2. Aldi have also gone above and beyond this year, to cater for a plant based Christmas, offering a tasty looking meat free turkey alternative with stuffing in the middle alongside a huge party food range.

3. Tesco are getting involved too, with their sweet potato and red cabbage Christmas log which looks simply mouth watering, (This is next on my list to devour).

4. Let’s not forget the other, all year round, treats that are accidentally vegan, such as my favourite biscuit, the Jammy dodger! who has now changed their recipe to be suitable for vegans. The good old Oreo biscuit and of course we can’t forget fox’s Party Rings! another couple of my firm, classic favourite, who now are all vegan friendly #encore!

Veganism and plant-based diets are becoming more and more popular with new and exciting alternatives popping up everywhere! So be sure to shop around! We are well and truly looked after this year!