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The Subtle Vegan; Vegan Cheese and Meats; The verdict

Our Subtle vegan and Hoi editor, Jess Impiazzi, is back with her Vegan Inspirations. This month, talking about all thing’s meat and cheese alternatives!

It’s 2021 and the vegan market has really come on leaps and bounds.
The main issue I hear from people who are tempted to try a vegan diet is that they cannot find a meat alternative that they like, and they miss cheese too much! Well, I am here with some great new finds that would make the biggest of cheese and meat guzzlers happy to give it a try.

My favourite mincemeat alternative I have found so far has to be from ‘The Meatless farm‘. It cooks up just like real mincemeat would and has a great flavour. In the past I’ve always found the alternative meats for my spaghetti Bolognese a little bland, however the meatless farm has nailed this one! It’s great for your vegan shepherd’s pie, Lasagne, Bolognese, basically good for everything and utterly delicious.

Even after four years of a vegan diet I cannot help but love the smell of bacon, and finally there are some cracking bacon alternatives on the market! Finally, I can have avo on toast with my fake bacon strips. ‘This isn’t bacon’ have absolutely nailed it!

When I was a meat eater, my favourite hangover cure would be a big bucket of KFC, so when I went vegan that was no longer an option… Until I found the Linda MCcartney chicken bucket! And boy! It’s a game changer. Utterly delicious southern fried vegan chicken pieces that I now have at any opportunity! And yes, these help (the rare) hangover too!

Now, let’s talk about cheese. I’ve most certainly raved about VioLife cheese alternative products before in past articles, but that is because they have simply got it perfect! Their cheddar cheese alternative is the best I’ve consumed to date, and now I can have a cheese sandwich or even a toastie, and the cheese actually melts!! Hurrah!! All hail VioLife!

I used to love feta cheese on a salad before vegan life, and i missed it! But again @violife came to the rescue with their vegan version. I cut this up too little pieces and often sprinkle over my salad of pizzas. Worth a try!

I hope these little finds will help you on your plant-based diet road and I look forward to finding more vegan options for you when I return with next months ‘Subtle Vegan’ instalment.

Artwork by Karis Simms