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The Subtle Vegan: 3

HOI Editor and avid Vegan, Jess Impiazzi, is back with her third instalment of ‘The Subtle Vegan’. Finding the latest must try vegan foods and more social media pages to help you find the tastiest recipes around.

Hi folks, and thanks for checking out my third instalment of ‘The Subtle Vegan’. I’m not here to ‘ram’ veganism down your necks, I’m very aware some vegans can do this and it’s terrifying! Often making people flee from anyone who is a self-confessed ‘V-Gang’. No, I am simply here to help you along the journey. Whether it be that you’re simply trying to cut down on meat and dairy consumption by finding the occasional alternative or trying meat free Monday, or you’re a person who wants to jump fully in and live a vegan life, I’m here to help. Also, for the dedicated vegans of the world, hopefully helping you find new and exciting vegan products, cooking ideas and such like.

Social media has become one of the best places for me to find Vegan inspiration. Just like my past articles for HOI, I have always been sure to list my favourite pages that make my mouth water for homemade vegan dishes and some good old fashioned junk food. So I start with…..

India Reynolds

Model and ex Love Island contestant India Reynolds has a second Instagram account dedicated to vegan living. Often partnering up for Peta campaigns she also shows off delicious homemade vegan delights, alongside alternatives for meat and fish and where you can find them. There is a great mix of different cuisine as well as sweet treats and baking. India’s page is a great one to check out.

The Little London Vegan

A great page for Vegan Restaurant reviews and recipe inspiration.
Not only does the food look delicious, her Instagram page is so bright and attractive looking, you can’t help but keep scrolling. Finding the best of vegan food from sushi to pizza and burgers, to the healthy buddha bowls. If you like discovering the newest vegan spots, this is a must follow page.

Vegan Food UK

This page is great at finding the latest vegan foods to be coming to market and making sure we all know about it! Also helping us find the delicious foods that we didn’t know were vegan! (Such as the Morrison’s Fruit salad donuts!) You can’t go wrong!

Fritz Horstmann

As the Instagram bio states, Fritz Horstmann- Vegan Coach- Helping Vegans to lose weight, tone up and reclaim their health and confidence.
This page is all about health, and what vegans should be eating if they want to lose any pounds (Maybe from eating too many of the donuts listed above) and tone up. Fritz will showcase what you can swap to make the meals you eat more beneficial to your body goals, as well as advice and inspiration to keep healthy from the inside out!

Now You Know Its Vegan

A great page to showcase all things vegan. It isn’t a recipe page, so you won’t find any cooking instructions here, but you will find the very best treats and meat replacements you may not yet know about! You will also find out what your favourite takeaway place is offering as a vegan (eh hmm, Dominoes is on the list FYI), as well as what the supermarkets are stocking.

I hope my latest social media finds help you on your Vegan journey and I’ll be back very soon with the next instalment of The Subtle Vegan! See you next time.

Artwork by Karis Simms