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The Power of Good! When social media brings out the best

There is nothing more heartwarming than watching humanity pull together when others are in need. This week we got to see this once again, with the social media world pulling together to raise funds for little Azaylia suffering from AML Leukemia.

Social media, a place that can bring out the very worst in people, yet on the flip side, it can bring out the very best! This week we have witnessed that! All thanks to the good hearts of many, a beautiful baby has been given the chance to medical care abroad to save her life. Reality star and influencer, Ashley Cain and his partner Safiyya. Started a fundraiser to get their daughter Azaylia life saving treatment in Singapore after being diagnosed with AML Leukemia. After many campaigns from the family for bone marrow donors they found a match, but sadly Azaylia relapsed.

The family were left with one option and that was to fly the family to Singapore for CAT-T therapy plus a haplo transplant. The family would have to reside abroad for one year for this treatment at a cost of 1 million pounds and initial deposit of £500,000.

A ‘GoFund me’ page was started in their last hope for the ability to give their daughter a chance and the response was overwhelming. Within days the family raised well over their target and promised any extra funds to other children suffering.
The fundraising and sharing of the campaign came from so many wonderful people.

Umar Kamani owner of Pretty little Thing donated £20,000 Kate Ferdinand and Rio Ferdinand donated £1000 alongside Molly Mae Hague, Maura Higgins, Adam Deering and hundreds of thousands of people offering their help. Infact 106.2k donors came forward to help raise the funds and that number is still growing.

Yes, social media can be a dark place, in fact so can the entire internet. Yet when we see humanity coming together to save the vulnerable, to help others in desperate need, we see the very best in people and the power of social media. That to us at HOI is something that must be highlighted. This is ‘Good influence’!
If you want to donate to the family’s fundraiser you can check out this link.

You can see more about House Of Influence and ‘The Good Influence Project’ here:

Artwork by Karis Simms