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The Legend DJ Fat Tony Ultimate Interview

With four decades of jaw-dropping stories under his belt, DJ Fat Tony joins House Of Influence for this special feature interview, on the life of the legend!

Host Charlotte Day gets a glimpse of the insane four decades DJ Fat Tony has been playing to crowds around the world. Having started in the 1980’s there aren’t many big names that Tony hasn’t played for and he lets us in on some of the amazing stories that have come with it. With Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Boy George among his close friend we go through some of Tony’s pics and the nights behind them.

We hear how the landscape of clubland has changed through the decades and how the cycles of hotspots that emerge then die, but from that death the emergence of something new and different yet more beautiful comes and so the cycle begins again. Tony explains how before social media existed the clubs were the social networking tool, a face to face network built around music and culture.

He talks us through his YouTube channel that delves deeply into addiction and how the series has touched so many people on different levels. He explains how refreshing it was to have so many big names come on and open themselves up, talking frankly about their own experiences with addiction. Tony himself tells Charlotte about his addiction and the dark places it took him to before he finally went in to treatment.

Tony takes us through his hilarious social media and how it has opened up a new young demographic to him. He lets us in on the secrets behind his gender fluid, limited edition street-wear brand and the stories behind the designs.

With Tony’s ultimate goal in life to be happy, present and in the moment, we have this piece of crucial advice for you! This is the moment to be present here, watch this hilarious interview and it WILL make you happy!!!