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The Jolly Diaries

The Jolly Diaries Podcast was started by Joanna Harper and Holly Brewer in June 2020

This super fun, upbeat and girly podcast has been a beam of light for so many during a very crazy year for us all! The Jolly Diaries Instagram bio says, ‘Just two normal girls in their twenties talking about all things that should be kept in the diary!’ Now if that isn’t an intriguing tag line i don’t know what is! Who doesn’t love snooping through someone else’s diary!

The girls are like the big sisters we all want, with the most infectious and wonderful personalities.
Here at HOI we’ve been super lucky to have a chat with the girls on how it started, how it’s going, the power of social media and what’s to come!

The Jolly Diaries on How it all began:

We have been friends for 5 years, met at a gig and we just clicked like soul mates. We have been friends ever since and we are the exact same person, it’s crazy! We send voice notes to each other constantly about our life, relationships, jobs, drama, situations we’ve been in, and Jo’s sister Ellie Bacon who is our producer overheard our voice notes a couple of years ago and said, “you two need to start a podcast” – so we thought ahhh we would love that, but we were so busy!

Holly was on tour with John Newman backing singing, and Jo was on tour with the West End production of We Will Rock You the musical. Then Covid-19 hit, and we both lost our jobs as professional singers.

So about 3 months into Covid around June time, the three of us (Holly, Jo and Ellie) thought it was a perfect time to start Jolly. How crazy that we’ve nearly been in this pandemic a year, and by the time we come out we would have been doing Jolly a year. It truly saved us in what’s been such a hard time and it’s getting better and better.

The Jolly Diaries on motivation:

In our podcast one of the topics we have every week is ‘anonymous confessions’. We have a box on our website, where people write in their confessions, questions and anything they want to ask us and it’s completely anonymous. So our motivation is that we are all more similar than we think we are, we all feel very much the same and us in our mid/late 20’s know how hard these years are, so we give our honest advice, sometimes crude. But we want to be as real and honest as possible and that’s important to us.

The Jolly Diaries on the importance of influence:

‘Trust the timing of your life’

‘Work hard and be kind’

These are our go-to quotes and we live our life like this, so that’s what we try to express on Jolly, we feel no matter who you are, what you do, how much money you have, what background you are from, BE. KIND. ALWAYS and stay true to yourself. For us that’s the most important.

The Jolly Diaries on hopes and dream, and what’s to come:

When life gets back to some sort of normal, we will hopefully be back to our dream careers, but we have definitely found another true love and this is Jolly Diaries and our beautiful Jollier’s. So our hopes and dreams are to keep going, keep supporting people, being free therapy sessions for people, hopefully make people laugh and to make a living and career out of just being ourselves and supporting people.

Be sure to check out the Jolly Diaries Podcast here. You won’t be disappointed!

Artwork by Karis Simms