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Tackling A Terribly Teething Toddler

Influencer, Love Island @loveisland Star and Mum Tyla Carr gives us her 5 little tips for calming the craziness of your newly teething toddler

Any mum will know the niggling pain of trying to figure out what on earth is wrong with their little one, when they’re miserable, moany, and crying like there’s no tomorrow. We go through all the emotions; upset, sad, angry, worried, the lot! Are they hungry? thirsty? tired? Or are they seriously ill? It’s such a guessing game when they are so young and you ask yourself these questions about a million times a day!

One of the most common reasons for a period of crazy ‘unexplainable’ tiers and moans, is their teeth are trying to pop through and giving their poor little gums grief, as they begin to reach the surface. This affects EVERYTHING. Mainly their mood but their sleep too…and don’t I know about that one.

The thing is there isn’t a set age or time when you should expect this, so it makes the guessing game even more difficult. Babies can start teething as early as 4 months old, or as late as 12 month. But on average it’s around 6 months when it all kicks off.

My little boy Archie is 13 months old. He has 6 teeth and is now showing signs of his back teeth starting to make their way down. It has been a nightmare! He won’t sleep, it makes him so miserable and it makes me feel so helpless. You don’t want to dose them up with Calpol everyday so I went and found 5 brilliant alternative ways of helping the teething tantrums. Here they are:

1. A frozen dummy. fill it with water and freeze it. Simple and works an absolute treat.

2. A French bread stick! My aunt gave me this tip and my goodness it’s the best. They love it because it’s a bit salty and it’s hard so it really helps the itchy irritation on the gums

3. Cheeky Monkey organic cheek rub. @organic_monkeyskincare – Benzocaine is used in most other teething products to numb the area; I wasn’t too keen on that. This is All organic and goes on the cheeks.

4. A special little mitten called a Teething Mitten @babygumz_teething_mitten, these are a godsend! Archie can’t get enough of this one.

5. And of course teething bibs! Thank God for these!!! I’d be changing Archie 10 times more than I already do if I didn’t use these. I use a company called and they are amazing. The designs are so funky and they are completely organic cotton; perfect for sensitive skin.

In the end we plod along doing the best we can as newbie mummies, with no instruction manual, learning as we go. So I really hope these tips around teething are helpful to you. The struggle with toddler teething is real! So good luck guys.
In my next column, I’ll be talking about the secrets of baby’s sleep. If there is anything you want me to talk about please drop me a message on insta @tylarosie.

Love Tyla xxx

Artwork by Karis Simms