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Green Planet

Sustainable Families following natures way

Global Warming is spreading at a rapid rate due to various reasons of being a westernised human being.

Here at HOI we like to recognise the green movement and challenge that perception by giving you a few sustainable families who live off a plant based diet and are raising their children to work with our planet instead of against it.

is a representation of Mother Nature herself, she was born in Hawaii and has protected her home since. She protests for her city and reminds us that the land is sacred. She reminds women to embrace femininity in its entirety. Mahina is having a baby with her lover Connor and they both share the same views. They will teach their child to worship nature instead of tearing it down. Mahina gives us insight as to how powerful it is to meditate and that we are blessed to be given crystals for healing as they are a reminder that nature is here to help us. Her dream is to diminish all the cruelty and toxicity that humanity is doing to kill our natural world.

We have heard about home birthing and water births but it always seems to be a taboo topic of discussion as well as decolonisation.

is a firm believer in decolonisation home birthing and naturalising female body hair. @ripsnorter and @nickwpotts have a baby boy together and share the same view of how they want to raise their children, they live sustainably on a set of land and are happiest around a fire.
We also admire @nigebra and @ripsnorter for their incredible co-parenting of their child Airlia despite their split they touch on the fact that it is better for their daughter to grow up in a home that doesn’t feel broken. They believe in teaching their daughter Airlia through nature as she says that Airlia playing with sticks, climbing trees, singing songs and using her imagination is the best form of education she can get because it doesn’t teach her how to be put into a westernised box.

At HOI we love to discuss the topics of art and sex however this couple’s love is the definition of those topics combined.

Mitch Gobel and Sally Mustang are known for their erotic stories where they state that Sex is Art. They live off the land in a beautiful little villa in the middle of a forest in Byron Bay. Through their love and their art they have managed to create a little boy and he has brought so much more love into their lives. They encourage him to be outside, when they hike to a river nearby or a beach they have him sit in the water and have him learn through nature as well as to treat animals as their equal. They live off a plant based diet and encourage daily meditation, yoga and for you to embrace your sexuality.

@ellenfisher and @andrewfisher honestly make us want to sell everything and move to Hawaii.
They are an incredible pair who have managed to maintain their vegan lifestyle for over 14 years and raise their four beautiful children on a vegan diet.
Ellen’s recipes have never looked more delicious as her instagram is filled with fresh smoothie bowls, yummy fruits and veg, a lot of their produce is homegrown or home baked which is extremely admirable. Ellen and Andrew are currently homeschooling their four children as they believe that the best way for them to learn is through getting educated in the garden, adventure and imagination. Ellen is also an advocate for home birthing and encourages all things natural. The ocean and nature that surrounds them is something that they appreciate immensely and teach others to do the same.

As David Attenborough once said we need to start working with nature instead of against it and these families are the definition of protecting our natural world and not indoctrinating our children to think otherwise through our westernised systems. They are literally experiencing heaven on earth and we would love to join!

Artwork by Karis Simms