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A HOI Quickie with Love Island’s Antigoni Buxton

She may have burst onto our screen on the latest season of ITV’s Love Island, but House of Influence saw the beautiful talent way before love island scooped up the talented singer and songwriter.

Antigoni joined us for our renowned quickie to talk all things beauty, social media, and most importantly her fabulous music.

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Antigoni on music:

My music is pop, ultimately but I love live instrumentation so I love to have that throughout my music. It’s having the balance of the new wave and modern simplistic space in the sound, but keeping that old school live thing. Rather than electronic dancey vibes because it just doesn’t work with my voice.

Antigoni on Instagram:

‘Instagram is there whether you like it or not so you’ve got to use it to your advantage because it’s there! I share all my stuff on Instagram. It’s been a part of all my recent releases.’

‘I want my Instagram to be like my real-life.’ ‘I think naturally Instagram becomes like a highlight reel, i don’t think that’s a problem it’s just being aware of it.’

‘I try to keep it real but without being misleading in that everything isn’t always as good as it looks on Instagram.’

‘I hate feeling pressured to post, I want to post things that are actually interesting to me and hopefully, other people find it interesting too. In terms of posting music, I went through a couple of years when I was signed to Island Records, I was just in the studio every single day. When it’s a round release time [for my music] I always want to make sure I have enough stuff to engage people to listen [now that I’m releasing independently].

Antigoni on role models:

[if I could write a song for anyone] ‘I always say John Mayer if I’m asked about collaborating or performing, so John Mayer or J Cole, they are completely different but I’d love to collaborate with either of them.’

Dua Lipa is the dream. I love her and Zara Larson.’

Antigoni can be found on social media @antigoni.

You can pre-save her latest track ‘You Can Have Him’ here.