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Nickname: Gookey Monster

Star sign: Leo

Described in 3 words: Bubbly, Driven, Chatty

Ambition: To have a successful career in broadcasting and learn to play the piano!

3 Interesting facts:
– I once sang the ‘Sound of Music’ for George Harrison’s son at his birthday party
– I was a backing dancer for Status Quo when they performed on ITVs 50th Birthday.
– I lived in San Fransisco for a while.

3 Loves: The sun, a cocktail and musicals!

3 Hates: Corriander, arrogance, needles – I faint every time one comes near me.

3 Things you can’t live without: y friends and family, lip balm and my puppy (yep, I am one of those dog mums!)

Favourite veg: Red Peppers

Favourite fruit: Mango and Grapes

Favourite TV show: Friends 100%! Netflix won’t let me download it anymore I have watched it that many times… who knew that was possible!

Favourite place in the world: San Fransisco or the Costa Brava.. don’t make me pick! Or my bed.

Favourite influencer: @meghan_rose_lane and @chessieking