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Laurence White Art, Progress, Self Belief and Dedication

House of Influence catches up with artist Laurence White.

Laurence on progress:

Things have really taken off since we last spoke! There’s been a real focus on social media especially Instagram and Clubhouse has been an absolute revelation and has led to me hosting rooms on Twitter Spaces which is where a lot of the NFT community are. This digital future that we’re living in has become a huge space for artists, and I’ve been able to sell out of a couple of my 1st drops which is over 100 pieces of digital artwork. This is an increasingly big space for artists and myself going into 2022. Also, there’s been an amazing emphasis on working with brands and that has led to collaborations with Hobbycraft, Rolls Royce and Threads Styling – some of these have been the most successful ever for those brands! In 2022 the big focus is to continue working on these kinds of collaborations and working with brands. It’s been amazing to connect with types of people and position my work alongside these big names. Since we last spoke I have also hired a brand & social media manager who has been a huge part of making these things happen and it’s taken myself and my art to the next level!

Laurence on self belief:

Self belief is everything without being too cheesy, when you have those down moments or are confused about the next direction to take. Just knowing that we have an amazing product that we want to get out to as many people as possible and to the right clientele. Even when working with more lofty figures it’s knowing and believing your worth and knowing that we can achieve the prices that we’re beginning to command.

Laurence on dedication:

This is advice I have shared on my socials and stand by: art is a business and so just painting pretty pictures doesn’t cut it. I suggest building a personal brand and building your following by getting people to invest in you and your work. Consistency is absolutely key and you have to be dedicated to building this up – posting daily and always working towards the next big goal. The devil is in the details and when you are disciplined and passionate about what you do it will shine through in your work.

Laurence on future goals:

Working with the very best in whatever they do, working with elite clientele and being able to work in an elite price bracket so sticking to your guns working to a certain price/certain brands. This year is all about really positioning myself amongst the elite of society. Essentially the goal is to collaborate with more high end brands and customers going into 2022.

Artwork by Niamh Peachy