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Joanna Borov on ……

The good, the bad and the 2020 journey.

Joanna Borov is a Polish-born fashion model and influencer currently living in the USA. Not only is she beautiful, she actively supports animal charities; we love her even more! She has walked the worlds of Paris, London and Los Angeles Fashion Week but not only this, she has been published in British Vogue,Marie Claire, Elegant and made the cover of Playboy Ukraine, WHEW!

Brains as well as beauty, this power- house always has two master degrees from University of the Arts London and University of Warsaw.
So many reasons we wanted to speak to this badass woman. We sat down with her to talk about everything good, bad, ugly and how she has handled the past year.

Joanna Borov on the most powerful thing to happen in her career to date:

It’s a difficult question! I have had a lot of good experiences in the fashion world, but I also put a lot of work and effort in it. I think that competing in beauty pageants opened a lot of doors for me and helped me with confidence and public appearances. For me, one of the most significant things in my career was taking part in Paris Fashion Week, as it is one of the most prestigious events in the fashion world. I’m also very glad that my photo session for Jimeye Designs was published in British Vogue and my other photos were published in Maxim, Playboy (cover), Marie Claire and other great magazines.

Joanna Borov on getting through isolation:

Last year was very challenging and unexpected for everyone, but especially for people who are involved in the entertainment industry; I was also far away from my family. I always try to make the best out of every situation and have a positive attitude but at the beginning I was stressed. When I saw an Instagram post from La Belle Foundation that they were urgently looking for a foster home for a chihuahua that had been abandoned because of the virus I decided to foster him and that was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. After a week I adopted him, and it helped me a lot. I always encourage people to get a pet or to get involved with animal charity as it is extremely rewarding, reduces stress and makes us happy. During the pandemic I also stayed in close contact with my family and friends, I used to work out and hike and also started working on my first book about healthy lifestyle.

Joanna Borov on trolling:

I really like to surround myself with people who have good energy, unfortunately on the internet it’s impossible to avoid bad energy. For some reason, some people find amusement in trolling and bullying others. I can never understand that, it’s just awful. People do not realize how much damage can be done by spreading hate and cyberbullying. If you have nothing nice to say, just say nothing at all, it’s that simple. I believe that the best thing to do is to not get involved but report it at a certain stage.

Joanna Borov on good influence:

Good influence means helping others to become the best version of themselves and encouraging people to follow their dreams. I really appreciate people who are brave enough to share their failures and talk about how they overcame obstacles. Good influence means spreading positivity and showing that anything is possible with the right mindset and good attitude.

Joanna Borov on keeping her mindset positive:

I am very religious and spiritual, and it keeps my mindset positive. I believe that what is meant for us won’t pass by and that every situation has a solution. When I’m stressed or feeling down, I like to meditate, do yoga and read inspirational books. I also have a gratitude journal; in the morning I write a few things that I am grateful for and in the evening, I write beautiful things that happened during the day. I believe that we should appreciate everything we have and work hard on what we want to achieve, and everything will come to us at the right time.

A beautiful sentiment to end on, and one we can all carry with us going forward. Follow her socials @joannaborov to see the work she does and for more positivity!

Artwork by Karis Simms