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Jess Impiazzi Reveals All in an Intimate HOI Quickie

Actress, Writer, Reality Royalty and Editor of House of Influence Magazine, Jess Impiazzi joins host Charlotte Day for this intimate on the sofa Quickie.

Most people will know Jess Impiazzi from her reality TV days, but this little ball of energy is without question one of the most amazing humans to have graced the HOI quickie sofa to date…which is one of the reasons we picked her as the Editor of our Magazine. In this interview we talk to Jess about her incredible journey from Reality Star to Hollywood Actress, Author and Editor.

Jess talks about her time in the Big Brother House, the unexpected friendship that came with politician Ann Widdecombe and what its really like behind the scenes of reality TV.  Jess tells Charlotte how she managed to get back in to acting after reality, with her roles in Hollywood Movies and the rise of the new series The Re Up, a Youtube show that has gained a massive cult following. Jess’s tells of her love of the paranormal, with her visits to haunted prisons and her very own ghost who had a fetish for pinching bums.

We hear all about Silver Lining’s, Jess’s reveal all Memoirs and the hardships she has had to face, from the death of her nephew in her care, her divorce, caring for her mum after she tragically went blind, to her coming through depression. The book tells her story in an honest and open way leading her to become the strong and confident woman she is today.

Jess discusses social media and the role it plays in her life, with some tips on how she deals with negativity. Charlotte gets the inside track on Jess’s role as Editor of house of Influence magazine and how she loves highlighting the positive aspects of social media and influencers. Grab a tea, sit back and enjoy the Pocket Rocket that is our Editor, Miss Jess Impiazzi.