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Gi Creator Full Name: Jamie Beaglehole and Tom, Aka Daddy & Dad

Good Influence Summary (why we recommend/love her/him):   British gay dads Tom and Jamie’s popular blogs share the highs and lows of adoptive parenting as well as providing guidance to other LGBTQ families, raising the profile for same sex families. They use their platform to introduce their followers to other LGBTQ parents who share their inspirational stories too.Honest, inspiring and brilliant people all round.

Topic Specialisms:  Equality // Family

Country: UK

Number of followers:   Insta – 29.2k // YouTube – 1k // Twitter – 7k

Charity partnerships: n/a

Brand partnerships: n/a

Agency Representation: n/a

Insta Blue Tick Approved: n/a

HOI Gi Authenticated category: Micro Gi creator

Website: Daddy and Dad

Presence outside of Social Media: n/a

HOI Published articles: n/a