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How Toxic Relationships Kill

For a complete guide to how toxic relationships kill, you may want to dive into my latest book: Power of You: Learning How To Leave: A Practical Guide To Stepping Away From Narcissistic & Toxic Relationships. It’s very simple to read or listen to, and it will give you amazing data about what you can and should do, together with easy steps.

Since you’re reading this right now, you or somebody you know may well be considering leaving a toxic relationship. I can’t express enough that you should do this safely and not only safely, but at a point in time that’s good for you. You must leave immediately if your welfare, or the welfare of loved ones, such as children or a parent, etc. is at risk. You must leave. Find a safe place. Reach out to friends and neighbours. Reach out to the authorities, the police, where it’s safe to do so. And reach out to local services. Make sure you’re safe.

Toxic relationships kill in many ways. Believe me, they do kill. They can turn you into an emotionally dead zombie, because the toxic person has sucked the power and energy out of you. They can turn you into an unhappy person who is depressed and withdrawn from the world, because everything’s ruined and is blamed on you.

At the other end of the scale, and that doesn’t mean to say this is worse or better, toxic relationships are dangerous where there is abrupt physical violence. Now, a toxic relationship can have ongoing domestic violence at different levels. It can be extreme; it can get better for a little bit and then it can get extreme again. It can yo-yo and become complex.

But also, what happens, and it happened to somebody I knew this year, is that all of a sudden there can be a violent, tremendous outburst from the toxic person. They can end up putting knives through you and beating you for hours until you take your last breath. This really did happen, so heed my warning.

There are several ways toxic relationships kill. They kill you emotionally. They kill your mind, because the gaslighting can make you believe that you’re damaging the toxic person and are the worst person ever to walk this Earth. They can kill you because you believe that nobody in this world feels you are worthy enough to be their friend or keep company with them, without the toxic person present. And then the other type of killing you, which is not necessarily worse, is to kill you physically, to end your life because of an outburst.

Please read my book, Learning How To Leave, or give it to the people you know who need it. If there is a problem with having the physical book, then get the audiobook, because you can hide it on your phone. Go to my YouTube channel and watch the panel discussion I hosted on World Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Day.

You will find keys and clues to help you deal with and escape all sorts of toxic situations. Don’t let your abuser steal another year of your precious life. It’s time to get yourself to safety.

Artwork by Niamh Peachy