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HOI’s Top 5 Most Powerful Nature photography accounts on Instagram

We found our top 5 accounts from photographers around the world using their Instagram accounts to share the beauty of our planet with us all.

Not all of us can simply jump on a plane tomorrow and explore every corner of the earth to find the beauty our planet has to offer, regardless of finances, sometimes it’s just not possible. So, we’re brightening up our daily routine with the next best thing.

This is HOI’s Top 5 Instagram accounts, dedicated to show us the beauty of our world in photographs.

1: Nature Geography With 2.8 Million followers, this instagram page clearly does more than just get us wander-lusting. With videos of and photos of all things nature, you can’t help but want to add some extra places to your bucket list! To all our Tarzan & Janes’, give this page a follow & get planning.

2: Daily OverView This page is dedicated to showing us aerial views of our beautiful plant, from towns and cities to the Oceans and Mountains. This page really shows the vastness of our planets, giving us glimpses into all its secret corners that few of us get the chance to make. Not to mention the beautifully cinematic photography. HOI verdict – Breathtaking.

3: We couldn’t post a Nature Photography Top 5 without mentioning National Geographic, that would just be blasphemous. Most people are familiar with the magazine which has been in publication since 1888 (-that’s some old school social media right there-) showing the best of Nature, history, science and geography. Their instagram page has very much lived up to the magazine’s reputation. From wild animals, to people from all different walks of life and cultural lifestyles, to the depths of the oceans and the hidden wonders of the world. @natgeo has built an account to give you an insight into the beauty that exists all around us.

4: The World At Night This bio states “Global photography project to connect Earth and Sky, Bridge art, culture and science’. The name pretty much explains the aesthetics and concept of the page. With stunning photos of the night sky, star-scapes and sunsets. It really is a remarkable and magical page. One for the cosmic loving, astrological superstars walking amongst us.

Artwork by Karis Simms