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HOI’s Top 5 Make Up Tutorial Pages on Instagram

HOI have put together a list of our Top 5 Makeup Tutorial pages on Instagram, to give you all the top tips and ideas from the best influencers we can find.

It can be absolutely awe-inspiring scrolling through Instagram and watching makeup artists create amazing looks and show step by step instructions on how you can try it at home. We decided to get together our current top 5 Tutorial pages so you can try them out to.

1: First up, we found Anna Lingis and WOW!
Anna creates anything from a simple but gorgeous glam look, to being totally transformed into, literally, a different person or character. She has a Kim Kardashian transformation, an Ariana Grande transformation, even (great for star wars fans) a Yoda transformation. Her work is more than just a makeup tutorial, it really is art! Check out her page and her IGTV. We promise you some serious inspiration!

2: Tammi Clarke.
Most of Tammi’s tutorials show a beautiful eye popping colour and how to do it! We’ve seen many fail on this including some of our own here at HOI! Getting a popping eye colour can, if done incorrectly, make you look like you’ve been punched in the eye! Not a look we assume anyone is ever going for! Tammi’s page will ensure that doesn’t happen to you! She clearly shows which products she uses for each look as well as skin care routines.

3: Nicole Masifilo.
Nicoles’ Bio states ‘Makeup etc, for the every girl’ and her page is just that! Easy to follow videos of the pretty, natural type looking makeup, for the everyday look. Nicole clearly shows which products she uses so you can easily find the tools to create the looks.

4: Leanne Page.
Leanne’s page has a feel of self love! Showing not just makeup hacks and tutorials but also skin care and which products she likes to use. Her makeup tutorials are all for a very natural look, so we recommend her page for great skin care tips and the natural everyday look.

5. MakeUpHolics.
A page where different makeup tutorials are posted. This page is great as it will have something for everyone, from all different makeup artists so you are bound to find something that sparks your inspiration.

Artwork by Karis Simms