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HOI Special – Jess Impiazzi hits the bottle with this hangover free CBD Gin Experience

Influencer and HOI Editor Jess Impiazzi takes a tour around Silent Pool Distillery, the creators of Colorado High CBD Gin

Ever wondered how Gin is made? Fancy winning a bottle of CBD Gin and CBD goodie bag?  We got you! Jess Impiazzi, to those who know her is not known for her heavyweight drinking abilities, in fact the opposite, so when she drinks she suffers with 2 day hangovers…wait a minute, has she finally found the answer to a no hangover drinking sesh?

As a big fan of both Gin and CBD, Jess gave Colorado High CBD Gin a try and was more than impressed with the results. In this special edition Jess takes a tour around the distillery behind Colorado high and talks to the head distiller on how exactly gin is made what sets their CBD product apart from the competition.

Dr Chike gives you his tips on the research you should do before before going under the needle. They discuss the effect that social media has had on making getting work done more acceptable boosting his profession, but also the downside with a far younger generation opting to alter their appearance unnecessarily.