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HOI Quickie: Dreamboys – The Naked Truth

Dreamboys Shane Finlayson and Jordan Darrell reveal the juicy secrets behind the UK’s most famous male strip show.

Ladies and Gents, hold on to your undies as we’ve got a cracker of a Quickie for you. Shane Finlayson and Jordan Darrell, members of Dreamboys, the UK’s longest standing and highest rated male strip act joined presenter Rob Laird for this exclusive look in to the lives of these demi gods.

Explaining how the group have broken the preconceptions of male stripping with breathtaking choreography (and a little help from a certain Channing Tatum movie) we hear how its no longer ALL about the muscles or the size of ones member, but now the performance!

The boys talk through their time as strippers, signature moves, women rushing the changing rooms mid show, Glasgow being the naughtiest of crowds and how Darrell manages to balance married life with being a Dreamboy.