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A next generations marketing and digital comms agency, leveraging the power of social-content and influence.


About HOI Digital

Almost every aspect of our lives are continuously evolving, and the speed of the evaluation is ever increasing. But the four innate decision making processes of every human will always remain the same: we see, we feel, we think, we do. These four cognitive processes, which define our choices, provide the foundations of resonating audience engagement.

HOI Digital is a next generation marketing and digital comms agency that leverages the power of human insights, social-content and ‘influence’ to create ideas that grow brands.

If you have any questions regarding how we can help your business grow through reaching, engaging and activating new consumers, contact us using the form below.

Strategy: Marketing I PR I Brand Positioning

Exceptional businesses are powered by exceptional brands. These brands and their offering are intuitively simple to understand, defined by how they differ and evolve to always stay relevant. Leveraging Influencer insights, consumer behaviour and market trends, HOI DIGITAL build brand strategies for the next generation of leading brands.

Contact us via the form below, to talk about brand and digital growth strategies for your brand.

Content: Creative Design I Photography I Video I Editorial

Creativity without commercial objectives, belong in a gallery; not on a marketing plan. Our ideas, designs and creative strategies are not developed to simply look good, but to achieve business ambitions by connecting and inspiring audiences. This art of translating commercial comms into an engaging, creative brand narrative shouldn’t be undervalued.

Our content team is made of marketing, editorial and design experts which use ‘aesthetic intelligence’ methods and optimised ‘social language’ to develop creative content. Once complete, we then provide tailored distribution channels via our HOI publication and our network of ‘Expert Influencer Partners’ [EIP’s].

As founders of House Of Influence; the world’s first social media magazine, we have an advanced understanding of content and audience engagement, as well as a loyal audience. All HOI Digital clients have access to the House Of Influence publishing platform, and our audience.

Contact us via the form below, to talk about creative content development and distribution for your brand or business.

Digital: Social Media I Influencer Marketing I Digital Broadcasting I Web

The digital world and the ever-advancing social media landscape is now thriving with opportunities and new consumers we previously could not reach. However, the unwritten rules of this digital ‘continent’ and the reactive nature of consumer dialogues within this space, present an ultra sensitive arena for a brand. HOI Digital and our growing database of ‘Expert Influencer Partners’ [EIP’s] help clients create tailored digital activation plans to access opportunities within digitally native audiences, and shape consumer dialogues.

If you have any questions around Digital marketing and how we can help you create value from social media content, please contact us using the form below.

Activation: Events I Networking I Collaborations

Storytellers don’t just read stories; they bring them to life by igniting both imagination and possibility. Our brand activation processes are developed to not only tell the brand story but to bring it to life through multi-sensory experiences, resonating content and commercially focused delivery. From live activations and sponsored events to press-worthy, memorable influencer and brand collaborations that create waves of engagement.

If you would like to discuss brand, influencer or venue collaborations, please contact us via the form below.

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