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Five Ways How Healing Treatments Can Make You Feel More Empowered

Holistic healing and esoteric practices are becoming more and more commonplace for people all over the world looking for alternatives to mainstream medicine for mental and physical health issues. Arya Ingvorsen practises a wide range of these treatments and explains how healing with energy work can transform our lives.

Is it true that energy-based healing treatments can really make you feel more empowered? I was pondering the benefits of receiving a healing treatment recently and it occurred to me that I often see people whose lives have really transformed after receiving one or more healing sessions. As a therapist, it is really gratifying to see how energetic healing techniques can have such a profound effect and sometimes, these effects go beyond anything that I personally would have envisioned.

I’ve seen women who have endured traumatic break-ups emerge with a new sense of purpose and determination. I’ve seen those suffering from anxiety able to face their day. Also, I’ve witnessed those who have suffered from abuse, able to let go of the ties of the past and take on a new way of embracing life.

Perhaps you are wondering how can receiving positive, healing energy actually help to move you forward? Generally, healing treatments are holistic; a good therapist will review what’s going on with you and seek to address imbalances in order to achieve balance and harmony. So how does such energy healing actually work?

  • Healing sorts and rebalances blocked energy – Do you ever feel like you have little or no energy? It could be that you have an energy blockage or imbalance, maybe in one or more chakras. Chakras can be described as invisible wheels of energy within our bodies that regulate different aspects of our physical and emotional wellbeing. Energy healing modalities such as Reiki or shiatsu, balance these out so that you are in the flow, more energised and ready to take on new opportunities and challenges.
  • Healing enables energetic cords to be cut – It is usual that we have energetic cords that link us to loved ones. Think of a mother’s love for her child and the instinctual knowledge that many mothers have about what is going on with their child, or the special bond between you and a partner. This is all lovely, but sometimes, we find that we are still linked energetically to old partners or individuals whom we no longer want in our lives. This can result in making us feel trapped and unable to move on. So much so, that a shamanic technique of cutting energetic ties during a healing session can be really liberating. Oftentimes, issues with exes or other individuals no longer affect us quite so profoundly once these energetic ties have been cut. This frees us up to start to enjoy and rebuild our lives once more.
  • Healing can help us to reframe thoughts – Have you ever noticed how we can be our own harshest critic and judge? We are often very understanding of others, yet expect ourselves to be super-perfect. And when things go wrong in our lives, we self-blame or else expect ourselves to have been able to tolerate that which nobody else could have withstood. Does this ring a bell, perhaps? Healing sessions can put the past in perspective and where appropriate, reframe traumatic episodes in our lives. This helps us to embrace more positive ways of thinking and behaving which are much more beneficial and useful.
  • Healing allows us to invest time in ourselves – It’s true that healing sessions can give you a sense of calm. But, rarely do we take time out for ourselves and just having an hour to be open to healing is a wonderful thing, resulting in a sense of peace and positive wellbeing. It’s actually an investment of time in us. Once we start to value ourselves more, others do too. We can’t change others, but we can change ourselves. Healing is the first step in inviting in positive change.
  • Setting Intentions and Affirmations – Sometimes, by undertaking all of the above, it becomes clear about how we really would like to live our lives. This may entail changing the way we think or do things. It might be an invitation to the Universe to support us in a new endeavour. It might be as simple as recognising that the change that we want is really achievable and that it is possible to really imagine ourselves living the life that we want. So setting intentions and affirmations within a healing session can be incredibly empowering.

Taking the time for energy healing can not only feel relaxing and calming, but also it can yield real results. Empowerment starts with the way that we think about things and our intentions for all aspects of our life. Once we are cleared of old stagnant energies that no longer serve us, all manner of opportunities that we previously thought out of reach become apparent. So why not give it a go if you want to feel stronger, more resilient and have a greater sense of wellbeing?

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