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Five Best Instagram accounts to help you get over a breakup

Most of us know the pain when a relationship we thought was forever, ends. It can be one of the most painful experiences, so we found our top 5 accounts to help you get over those difficult times.

There is no hiding or denying this one, I don’t care who you are – we’ve all had a stay at the Heartbreak Hotel. Break-ups; the “It’s not you it’s me”, “You don’t get me like he does”, and “It’s just not the right time in my life…”. All the BS reasons we get would push even the Beyoncé’s of the world to reach for the wine. Then what? Hello social media. Pity posts’ not even your mum would approve of. Usually consisting of the romantic poets, and boomerang clips of you with your bowl of ice cream on the sofa. C’mon man, nobody wants to see that shit. We’ll cut you some slack, though as it’s a coping mechanism we’ve all toyed with. One thing we know for sure is; even if you’re not posting – you’re reading quote pages, trying to answer those gut-wrenching questions of why we weren’t good enough. Deep.

So HOI have dug deep for you, to help prevent these breakdowns from gushing out into your stories and being seen by the ex’s best mate who WILL tell them how terribly you’re doing… Nope, no pity-parties at House of Influence. We want empowering, bold forces that will propel you back into your single life as your best self.

We’ve sifted through every single one of our team’s saved and screen-shotted posts from personal heartbreaks to bring you the realest, most inspiring words to soak up during any time of self doubt, when it comes to love. L-O-V-E loooove. *Insert Ross Gif. “IM FINE.”

Here are HOI’s Top 5 accounts…


Jay’s fascinating story of a rogue teenager to Buddhist Monk, unknowingly led him to the speaker he is today. He’s poured these experiences into guiding anyone in search of a voice of reason, to a place of self-awareness and enlightenment in today’s hectic modern world. If you’re not one for quotes this page is a cut above the rest with so many elements, floating from influencer to mentor to philosopher, and more. Jay creates powerful short films illustrating many situations we can all relate to. When it comes to break-ups, he focuses on the silver linings of new beginnings that we may not be able to envision in the moments of love lost, giving us that glimmer of hope that is so integral to moving forward. We have a lot of time for you, Jay.

6ML Instagram following.


You know that friend that always points you towards the bright side, gushing nothing but positivity, inspiration and wisdom… Enter Vexking. With the most beautiful but conversationally raw short letters, he aims to “empower the mind and raise the vibration,” and it’s an attitude we want to see more of. A healthy dose of honesty and strength in words that we will definitely turn to if one of our buddies fails to realise how great they are. This page is the one for quick fixes to send our home girls and boys when they are in desperate need of words of advice. (Once you’ve taken it on yourself that is, of course).

496K Instagram following.


Another page for spreading the love. You’ll be DMing posts from R.h.sin to your crew whether there is a break up in the midst or not, because it’s constantly relevant and relatable. (NB: Boys, you may not appreciate this page as it points out a lot of negative male behavior’s, however it’s written by a married man so don’t hate the player, hate the game.) R.h.Sin’s narrative is aimed at that of a scorned woman, with the belief and underlying voice that you’ve all been hurt one too many times and deserve better. It’s rare to hear a voice of representation coming from the opposite sex, both for women and for men. This is something our HOI team has noticed as a super powerful approach to bridging the gap between the sexes. We come from different worlds, but if we meet in the middle… that’s where the magic happens.

1.9ML Instagram following.


Modern day poetry is often overshadowed by the great poets of times gone by; Shakespeare, Rumi, Hafiz and T.S.Eliot are names we will instinctively turn to for meaningful quotes. One 27 year-old Indian-Canadian woman is changing that. Delivered with such effortlessness, Rupi’s poems have a matter-of-fact tone, dusted with sophistication to make you fall in love with her writing. She tells it like it is, appeasing the millennial’ craving for raw truthfulness that is lacking in our glossy online lives, but don’t fret as Rupi doesn’t forget that Instagram is a place for refined presentation and beauty. Dust yourself off and take a page out of Rupi’s insta poems; the young author embraces everything that she is, and makes you want to feel the same.

4MIL Instagram following.


Those of us in our 20’s-30’s have lived through the age of online dating, transitioning from websites like (@match)that you’d find your single 50 year old aunt on, to the normalised apps such as Tinder (@tinder) that not even the hermits of our friendship groups can avoid nowadays. If you’ve been paying attention, you’d have noticed the dating rulebook is changing along with this shift. The Modern Break-up illustrates the shift to a T, with examples of other people’s stories that are so close to home it’ll have you wondering if your messages got leaked. It’s reassuring, with a touch of hilarity and empowerment. You’re not mad in feeling like dating’s just not the same game, and this author will make sure you come away knowing that.

4259K Instagram following.

Artwork by Karis Simms