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Don’t Be Scared, Just Do IT with Artist Laurence White

Artist Laurence White takes us trough his journey from behind the camera to becoming an artist and painting for some huge names

HOI Host Angus Reynolds is joined at Covent Garden’s Greys & Feather Bar by Artist Laurence White for this Quickie. Having made the switch from producing TV behind a camera to being an artist, we hear how Laurence is pursuing his journey to the top.

Using different social media platforms and launching his very own podcast, Laurence it looking to create his brand in his own unique style, ultimately to become a “Business Artist”. Taking us through some of the huge names that he has painted for and the journey he has been through, Laurence gives us his tips to success, “Hard Work, time and consistency”.

Sit back, relax and enjoy! In Laurence’s own words “Don’t be scared, just do it”