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Is Social Media Killing Art Galleries

There is a reason why people queue for hours at the Louvre to see the famous Mona Lisa smile, but with art so readily available on the Internet and social media, are the galleries becoming antiquated and redundant?

When it comes to ‘modern art’ one could say nowadays, it is most commonly experienced through Instagram filters. However, the reality is that even traditional artists are now migrating on to the platform, as their primary vehicle for exposure and sales. This shift got us wondering, “could we be witnessing the death of the art gallery?”

There’s no denying that the platform has managed to single handedly turn the art industry on its head; artists have far more control over their work, sales and promotions as it becomes the norm to display their work on Instagram. This has definitely played a big role in the slow ‘disappearing-act’ of the art dealers (who would traditionally be the mediators between the artists and the collectors or curators).

The current obsession with ‘Instagramability’ is yet another example of how galleries are being made to re-adjust their tactics within the market, in order to survive. From finding the brightest coloured paintings, to creating extravagant floral displays; art shows and exhibitions are now being curated with social media ‘INSTA-MOMENTS’ in mind. Yayoi Kusama’s immersive ‘infinity room’ is a great example, of galleries going beyond traditional artistic formats, to re-capture the audiences attentions, and trying to become relevant again.

One could say Instagram is by its very nature, the biggest art gallery in the world, with one of the largest most eclectic art collections. From your ‘average Joe’, selfie snapping influencers, to professional painters, illustrators, photographers and designers; millions of artists ‘hang’ their works of art on the little square walls of Instagram, to showcase and sell their creations. With a global customer reach, zero percent commission and endless ‘wall display’ space, we can definitely see the appeal. To add even basic features, such as liking photos, commenting and follows, also provide a level of insight to the artist, that a gallery can’t provide.

Just like a stroll through a gallery; you can feel that same excitement of ‘discovery’ when you scroll in search of art on Instagram. And you’re never short of new genres of art to prance your thumb through. The Instagram pool for ‘bizarre’ talent is definitely one of our favourite genres of art. We’re pretty certain you‘re not going to find your high-street gallery displaying fine-art created from cereal. (check out @mister_krisp). Or art made with fire, through a process called “Fumage” (head to @steven_spazuk to see some of his gorgeous work using his flaming technique).

Though this digital ‘Mecca’ of artists is forever growing and expanding with new talent, we do still have our favourites and ones you should definitely look out for:

1. @annalauriniblue – Simple. Sassy. Street! This ‘face’ is going to stick with you for a while.
2. @editcollagee – If you like glitter balls, stars, invisible bikinis & space leopards, then you need this in your life
3. @differently – Be prepared to be blown away by the creative power of just one black line
4. @angelagomesartworks – From diamond skulls to a rumble in the jungle, Angela’s work oozes ‘wild luxury’
5. @albahodsollstudio – It will take you a moment to ‘see’. But once you do, you can’t un-see it.
6. @jamesmylneart – An iconic, timeless style, filled with an antagonistic and colourful creative voice
7. @cj_hendry – Blurring lines between reality and art, her work will have you questioning what’s real and what’s not.

A little ‘heads-up’: This new generation of artists, gaining popularity and fame, solely through Instagram, are often referred to as “Insta Artists”. One thing we do strongly recommend, is to keep well away from using that term with them, which basically implies that social media is all their work is good for. So take it from us: you don’t want to call them that.

So, has Instagram got art galleries in a strangle-hold? Instagram has undoubtedly established itself as a faster, cheaper and more self-reliant way of promoting art, for both new and established artists; this we can all agree. However, no-one can predict how long the reign of social media will last, nor can we underestimate the new ‘experiential’ innovations now coming from traditional galleries. What is definitely clear, is that there’s a plethora of breathtaking, undiscovered art on Instagram that is yet to make its mark. And we at House Of Influence, are always looking to discover them. If you are an artist on Instagram or have a favourite artist you follow, let us know so we can make sure this new generation of artists receive the opportunities they deserve.

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