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Dating App Disasters

With most of us now going online to find love, or a casual fling, we took to Instagram to find out some of your most horrific dating app disasters.

It’s a new age; the age of technology… and it’s seeping into every aspects of our lives. Including our dating lives. As we all know, when it comes to Dating Apps, things aren’t always ‘straightforward’. So naturally, we were pretty intrigued to find out of the most awkward of dating app experiences you guys have been through. We asked Instagram users to tell us their worst and weirdest experiences: from the crazy catfish, to the boring beauties, here are our funniest and most outrageous dating app disasters.


“Chatting to a guy for 2 weeks. Decide to go on a date. Once I had left home, he phoned to say his car had broken down could I collect him… No problem I said. I collected him and we headed to the zoo, once at the zoo he refused to let me pay for anything (I like to go halves on a first date but i thought it was a nice gesture). On the date he went in for a kiss but I wasn’t feeling it so I just pushed it off and apologised saying sorry, but I don’t kiss on the first date. It then comes to driving him home, and he suddenly lost his keys so we had to go for dinner because he had no way of getting back into his shared home until his house mate was home. (He told me he lived alone via text before, so I assumed he was just trying to prolong the date). During this dinner he asked if I wanted to go on another date and me being honest, I said no… he got very annoyed with the fact I didn’t feel we clicked or had any chemistry. At this point he then made me transfer exactly half of what we had spent. Fair enough, but to the penny he worked it out, didn’t just round it up or down. I found it hilarious.”

Another Instagram user who wished to stay anonymous tells us how he thought his luck was in when his dating app date went so well. They drank far too much alcohol and ended up going straight back to his place on the first night. However after having a night of passionate sex, he awoke the next morning to find his Rolex watch stolen and the beautiful date nowhere to be seen. Let this be a lesson to you all; be careful who you let in to your home, and your bed!


Sent us her story of how a first date from an app proves the world can be a little too small at times. “We planned to meet for a drink and about half an hour before we met he asked me to go and collect him claiming car trouble. So I picked him up and we went to for a drink. After talking for about half an hour we realised he had also been taking out my sister. Needless to say, I bolted!”

A chap from Surrey who’d like to be know as ‘David’ told us how excited he was for his quite striking date from popular dating app Hinge. Her profile pictures were beautiful, however, once he arrived on the date, he could clearly see that pictures used were at least15-20 years old. David wasn’t in to the ‘older ladies’. He did sit through the date politely, however did make it clear on their goodbye, that there would not be having a second date.


And last but not least, my very own little cringe dating app tale: I matched on a dating app with an actor. He was rather good looking. We didn’t have much of a convo before he suggested meeting for coffee, which we did. Everything was fine for the first twenty minutes until he whipped out his laptop to ask my opinion on a work project. He was starting up a company and wanted my opinion on logo designs. When I gave my opinion he went off on a full interrogation about the reasons for opinion. He went on and on for well over an hour. I felt like I was either back in school or being questioned by an officer. I was trying my hardest to focus but he was boring me to tears. Eventually I managed to end the coffee date and we both left the cafe together… At which pointed he highlighted that right opposite the café, was a brothel and we should both go in together as it would be fun?!?! Needless to say I was out of there and in a cab quicker thank you could say Lap dance and Laté.”

There you have it people; dating apps deliver all kinds of surprises, so choose wisely and definitely manage your expectations ;)

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