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Can Creativity kill Anxiety?

We speak with HOI presenter and mental health advocate, Talina Naviede to discuss her use of colour therapy to ease anxiety.

In a world where Anxiety is felt by nearly every single one of us at some stage in our lives, we wanted to investigate creative ways to help relieve the symptoms! HOI’s very own resident presenter Talina talks to us about her use of colour therapy and how it helps her.

“I’m sure I’m not the only one who wakes up each morning not quite knowing how they are going to feel that day, or what range of emotions they will go through. I cannot remember the last time I felt content for longer than a couple of hours. When your feelings and emotions are so volatile, you learn to curate various little worlds for yourself that you can go into when you are at an emotional low. For me, one of these worlds is focused around colour therapy; surrounding myself with sunny, vibrant colours…because, let’s be honest, it’s pretty difficult to feel low when your world is colourful?!

My colour therapy world is all about art. Whether that’s going to see an exhibition that will feed my mind and briefly distract it from its current discomfort, making beaded bracelets, or painting. The latter is always an immediate mood shifter for me. When I’m painting, and in the zone, all I can think about is what colour I’m going to use next, at that moment nothing else outside of my big piece of acrylic paper matters! You trick your mind into feeling something else, into feeling inspired, and creative. It’s amazing, because once you see the finished product, you get to understand your mind a little more. When I’m unsure of how I feel, and I paint, everything becomes a lot clearer and I feel much closer to myself than I did before.

My challenge to you this week is to go to an arts & crafts shop, pick out colours that make your insides feel good, and set aside time to let the paints create your mood rather than your overthinking mind! “

The team at HOI agree with our wonderful presenter, Talina, and we hope she can inspire you to get creative in difficult times!

Artwork by Karis Simms