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The highly anticipated annual award ceremony has been developed to celebrate this growing generation of ‘digital leaders’, content creators and social influencers, pioneering the new age of digital culture.

Resonating content is amplified through the power of creative collaborations. Our, writers, curators and influencer partners all share the same passion for exceptional, original content that truly means something to the reader. This urge to seek exciting collaborations, gives House Of Influence, and the brands we work with, a unique creative edge If you would like to find out more on how we can collaborate, get in touch by filling the short form below.

Influence Benefits

The awards provide an opportunity for creatives and digital curator from a vast and eclectic background, to come together, not only for their contributions to ‘digital culture development’ but also to leap in to professional recognitions.

  • Industry recognition
  • Authentication of work
  • Access to brand and sponsors
  • Broadcasting and media opportunities
  • National and International influencer network
  • Elevation from influencer to expert
  • National awards and certifications

Awards Categories

Creativity and content innovation has no limits as to where it comes from, how it is nurtured and through what subject areas it is channelled; It all boils down to commitment and passion. BIA looks to open the categories to a wide selections of areas to allow for these passionate and committed digital creators the opportunity to put their work in the national spotlight.

1. Art & Music
2. Health & Fitness
3. Wellness & Oneness
4. Fashion & Lifestyle
5. Food & Drink
6. Travel
7. Green Planet
8. Pets & Animals
9. Entertainment
10. Inform & Support