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An insider exposé of RAYA: ‘the dating app for the stars’

We take a look at the exclusive dating App, RAYA (@raya) , which is known for its strict rules to join its dating community and what stars have been spotted

The name Raya is rather elusive in the dating app world; who is it for exactly and how do you become a member? Relatively new on the scene, the high-end celebrity-dating app launched in March 2015, and unlike any other of its kind, has managed to keep its tricks of the trade in the dark. Well, we at HOI have done some research into the world of Raya to find out who, what, why… and how one might join this “fancy” dating club.

The goal is to bring elites of high profile industries together, giving them a sense of community and comfort, the sort of exclusive club that the @SohoHouse group once upon a time proposed to be. Sorry Nick (Soho House Founder), but the meme account @sohohousememes has said it all and gone viral so we’re sure our commenting can’t hurt…

Raya prides itself on returning some normality to the members otherwise hectic lives, without fear of prying eyes of the general public, and the possible headlines. Each application goes through a rigorous vetting process, including a review from the Raya committee who accepts only the ‘best’ applicants. This committee uses Instagram to verify their applicants ensuring they match the Raya requirements, which we can only speculate as including values such as dashing looks and a certain income.

Some of the most famous faces reported are the likes of:

@CaraDelevingne , @DrewBarrymore, @LewisHamilton, @JackWhitehall , and @HarryStyles  to name but a few.

For us mere mortals it begs the question, why would such big names and talents need a dating app, surely they have potential suitors lining up around the block? We spoke to our celebrity insider, (who must remain anonymous in order to maintain their membership) about why they signed up, and how they are finding their Raya dating experience.

“People have this notion that because you’re in the public eye, that everything just comes easily to you, including love. However, sometimes being in the public eye can actually make it harder. You never know what peoples’ intentions are; whether they are after you to show off to their mates, get a story sold about your personal life for their own monetary gain, or simply because they fancy the idea of you. Most of the people on Raya will understand this in some way shape or form; it’s almost like a safe space to browse the dating market with individuals of similar mindset. Also, the strict ‘laws’ of Raya ensure that people cannot screenshot your profile and your messages cannot be sent around. If you are caught with a screenshot, you are instantly warned about being removed from the Raya Community. The other popular dating apps have caused me massive problems in the past. I signed up to a particular app and within ten minutes I had been tweeted by about fifteen different people asking if this was really me, leaving me red in the face, with no choice but to deny and delete my profile. I love the thorough checks that Raya implements, ensuring you are who you say you are by vetting through each and every applicant, making it a very safe space for people in the public eye to date.”

So there we have it, straight from the single horses’ mouth. The app’s appeal is not JUST the calibre of clientele, but the knowledge that your already complicated dating life is in private and safe hands.*

*Unless your potential match happens to be not so safe, but neither Raya or any other dating app can be held accountable for all the crazies or @JohnMayer’s of the world. 

So whether you sassy singles make it on to the ultra-exclusive dating app for the stars, or you stick to your ‘more usual’ happy-go-lucky dating platforms, enjoy your experience, respect each other and stay safe.

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