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An Influencer’s home! TOP 5 things they cannot live without

Here at HOI we ask your favorite influencers their top 5 things they cannot live without around their home.

This week we speak with Actress, Author, wellbeing advocate and HOI’s very own Editor Jess Impiazzi

Kitchen: ‘My SMEG toaster. I’m obsessed with it, mainly because it looks so neat. I’m kind of obsessed with all SMEG products. I think they make the kitchen look so good!’

Bathroom: ‘ My light mirror, mainly because it makes you look so goooood!! Always adds the confidence you need!’

Living Room: My LG smart TV, and my House plants. The TV because I can watch all my favourite shows on any of the streaming platforms. The house plants because they oxygenate the room and apparently are good for our wellbeing.’

Bedroom: My massive stack of books, being an author myself of silver linings , i always read not just because i learn from what is written in the books but also because it helps me become a better author. I love to read before i go to sleep, so I am always reading in bed. At the moment i am reading ‘Dr Joe Dispenza, breaking the habit of being yourself.’

On your phone: At the moment there are a few apps, one of them being Headspace meditation app as meditation is a part of my daily routine, also The Wim Hof app, which is guided bubble breathing and the cold shower timer, something I also do everyday. The app has a lot more to it and so much science behind it for our wellbeing, so this is another thing I incorporate into my daily routine.

Artwork by Karis Simms