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A Chat Marvin Ambrosius- Eat, Shop, Save

Fitness and positivity in the pandemic

Marvin Ambrosius is a personal trainer, fitness instructor, TV presenter, vlogger, podcast host, entrepreneur, CEO and co-founder for Fitfreaks TV , but to name a few. He is all about positivity and helping people not just in their body, but in mind and spirit too. Transforming his own life through fitness he wants to help people get where they want to be in an uplifting way. Through the pandemic he used his social media as a way of raising the spirits of his followers. We spoke with him to find out where he gets his magic vibes from.

Marvin on positivity through the pandemic

At first it was very strange pausing everything and slowing myself down. I was once all over London instructing different classes, filming, podcasting and with clients and all of sudden I’m just at home. It was an adjustment but within days I started instructing live classes via Instagram and helped keep my audiences fit through the first four months. This was a distraction for me as I love to inspire others and help motivate others so that became my focus.

During the second lockdown I decided to step it up and instruct a class every day. It was physically challenging but worth all of the success for my participants. So many people from around the world lost weight, gained muscle and looked better but more importantly felt better than they ever had. My way of spreading love was to give my story, knowledge and personal experience to my audience and let them know that anything is possible.

Marvin on recent times

I have been working on a new TV series with ITV on the news series of “Eat, Shop, Save” as the personal trainer on the show. I’ve been developing my Fitfreaks app and now have a platform with over 70+ Fit in 5 workouts. I collaborated with the shopping app OOOOO with Live weekly workouts to their app audience; in three weeks a class participant lost a stone.

Marvin on good influence

Good influence is spreading a message of hope and empathy. We all come from different walks of life and experiences and it’s important to share and learn from one another. Good social impact is not tearing down others, it’s about building them up.

Marvin on what’s coming up next

The “Eat, Shop, Save” series is still filming and I will be sending a massive 50% off offer for my Fitfreaks app. I also have a podcast show “5 minutes with Marv” on Spotify & YouTube which features a celebrity guest every week talking about lifestyle, health and fitness.

The positive PT in your pocket! If you want to work with Marvin, you can follow him on Instagram or check out .

Artwork by Karis Simms