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5 positive ways to use social media without it using you

Pages, people and ways to uplift using social media

It’s true that social media can have a really bad reputation for causing real negativity on the human experience. We cannot escape the reality that social media has been proven to cause depression, anxiety, loneliness, jealousy and so much more. But how can we use this more effectively and positively? It’s unlikely you’re going to throw your phone in the sea, or slightly less dramatically, delete all your apps, so we here at HOI thought we would bring you some ways to use social media positively.

1. Check in with loved ones
Use your social media to send a message to people you love, check in, see how they’re doing. Send them posts that will make them smile, or if they’re going through a tough time, positive quotes or things that can connect with them. If you or a member of your family find it hard to speak about things, a good meme can say “hey I’m thinking about you” without having to say too much at all.

2. Make new friends
People are posting, hashtagging, posing, story-ing every day in order to connect with the outside world. If you find a page that you like the look of, comment, show support to the business/talent/person, you never know it could lead to a connection, a link, a friendship, a romantic situation… or you could just make someone feel good.

3. Follow and share inspiring or positive stories
Social media is a hub of creativity, not just photographs but videos too, if you find one that makes you smile, laugh, feel good, share it. If you have a message, share it, speak about it. Create the social media you want to see.

4. Give yourself down time
It is impossible to avoid social media when you carry it around in your pocket, so set yourself boundaries with it. If you are finding yourself aimlessly scrolling night after night, set the apps to down time, put your phone on airplane mode, lock it in a cupboard, whatever you need to do, and see what you can achieve in that time when your mind is free.

5. Block and report
Trolls are, unfortunately, too common these days to avoid. If you are made aware of trolling behaviour, block and report. Even if you aren’t overly affected by the words of behaviour, someone else could be, so it’s better for everyone if they are deleted. It is a team effort to make the socials a better place.

Social media is a tool for connection, so let’s make a conscious effort to use it to positively connect.

Artwork by Karis Simms