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5 Best Instagram accounts to help us all live a greener life!

A list of 5 Instagram accounts that will help you to literally clear up your act, which in turn help us to clean up our planet.

Climate change is a conversation we are now all too familiar with. A topic we cannot ignore or avoid. Whether we read about the rising of ocean temperatures in newspapers or see articles online and on TV, of sea levels rising; climate change has a firm hold on our word and most would say, it would be impossible for the world to move forward without significant ‘Change’. The fight for change is real and we are beginning to see the need for each one of us to step up.

With this in mind, we delved into thousands of Instagram accounts to sniff out our top 5 pages to help live a greener, more conscious life. From eco-friendly product designs, to just simple carbon-neutral tips for our everyday activities; these accounts should at the very least give your Insta feed, an environmentally friendly makeover

No1. @theearthlingco

An eco-friendly Instagram account offering alternatives to every day products. To create a more sustainable world. They create products as well as advising you on how to make your day to day, more sustainable.

No2. @ecoage

This Sustainability page has built up a great following of 143k. They offer information about climate change (which we can never learn enough about!) As well as finding and promoting products with a better carbon footprint.

No3. @easyecotips

One of our HOI personal favourite Eco pages. With a following of 569k. The page states ‘going green is easier than you think! We give you new easy eco tips that you can follow to help the planet’. The whole page is literally full of tips from how we can eat more eco, to how we can dress more eco! The tips are endless and incredibly easy for us to follow!

No4. @genesisbutler

13 year old vegan and activist for animals shares informative posts and videos about how we can do better. Not only does she have passion for the planet, but also super heroes! Teaming up on projects with Marvel for the greater good.

No5. @leonardodicaprio

needs absolutely no introduction. This incredible actor splits his time between on screen projects, to fighting to save our planet off screen; not only through his own instagram but the company he co-chairs @earthalliance
He uses his online presence to hit us with terrifying hard hitting facts, whilst encouraging us all on how we can do better. As if we didn’t need another reason to fall in love with this man??

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